amusement park

Ferris wheel: Strawberries & Nutella

Roller coaster: Strawberries

Welcome to our latest obsession: roller coasters. Peter Pan is still holding strong, but watching front seat POV videos of the world’s scariest rides has replaced the Wipeout fixation.

It started this summer after visiting the Chincoteague carnival and riding The Whip (pictured below). Countless of times. In fact, so many times in a row that I knew vomit would be in the near future (thankfully it wasn’t). But something was triggered in his little brain and he’s been hungry for it ever since.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got myself a little thrill seeker.

Above: “Hey Mommy, pretend I’m on a roller coaster. Aaaaaaah!”

And lucky for me, Avery’s new favorite toy is the cord to our vacuum cleaner. He contorts it in such a way to create multiple loops, which in his mind makes the perfect roller coaster track. It sure beats Thomas, which was starting to get expensive.

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