cat in the hat

Cat in the Hat
whip cream, fruit leather, chocolate hazelnut spread

Here in Norfolk, Virginia, a new technologically advanced library just opened in our downtown district and it is most certainly the cat’s meow.

The grand opening festivities were all Seussian themed and visitors were greeted by a 30 ft. inflatable Cat in the Hat at the entrance. The boys and I took advantage of the free light rail ride to the Slover Library on its second opening day and both were immediately taken with the Cat’s monumental size, not to mention the contents of the library itself.

Norfolk Slover Library

The produce at our house was limited, but I managed to scrounge together enough ingredients to make an edible Cat in the Hat for Avery, who immediately devoured the hat in less than a minute. You can see his little fingers testing the whip cream.

And for the sake of authenticity, cause y’all know I like to keep it real around here, below are a few Cats who didn’t make the cut but will surely make a delicious breakfast for us nondiscriminating parents.

Cat in the Hat rejects

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