potw peepsmini chocolate chips, neon purple food coloring

It occurred to me on Monday that I probably should’ve posted this BEFORE Easter Sunday instead of the week following, but alas, here is an idea you can save for next year.

I mixed neon purple food coloring with the batter, but I still haven’t mastered this technique, nor do I feel like I really need to since I generally shy away from using coloring in general. The batter turned a brilliant shade of deep lavender, but once the Bunny was fully cooked on one side, the pancake turned a more natural tan color and the color remained on the ugly, bubbled side. I may have overcooked them, as I have a tendency to do so.

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stegosaurusapple, mini chocolate chips


koala bear

koala_potwI’ve always referred to my youngest as my little koala bear because he’s perfectly content sitting on my hip for as long as I’ll let him. His name does translate to “bear cub,” so this description suits him, though technically a koala isn’t really a bear.

Because of his name and cuddly nature, we decided to throw a teddy bear picnic-themed party for his first birthday last weekend. It gave me an excuse to break out my fancy icing tips and decorate cupcakes, which just like making pancake art, I always enjoy.



These scrumptious bears didn’t last very long.


Happy birthday little bear.



curious george

curious george  pancaketwo tone created by using pumpkin and buttermilk batter

This curious little monkey has some staying power, let me tell you. Since the age of 2, my six year-old son has thoroughly enjoyed listening to George’s adventurous tales read aloud and watching the series on our local PBS network. And now with Netflix streaming, it’s the only show he chooses to watch.

And though we *try* to limit his screen time, I have no complaints about the program since the influence it has had on my son has been generally positive, albeit sometimes messy. It always inspires him to create some contraption he’s seen in the episode, like most recently George’s construction paper snack hat. I wasn’t even aware he had attempted to make this curious invention until I heard the hailstorm of almonds bouncing off our kitchen tile floor.

george on the griddle

And speaking of making wearable pieces, here are our costumes from Avery’s second Halloween. I purchased mine and Avery’s, but in the true nature of the show, my husband Bobby made his yellow outfit by spray painting the hat & thrifted shirt and constructing a tie from duct tape. It was cardboard stiff, but made it through the night just fine.


Tips: Fill squirt bottles with two different batters to create value contrast. You can click here for more detailed instructions. 


lion - pancake of the week

Persimmon, apple, dark chocolate flavored almonds

We were given a basketful of persimmons from my in-laws’ tree and I couldn’t think of a better, more colorful fruit to include in this week’s pancake. To make this lion, only one large persimmon was used for the mane and mouth. The apple was a ginormous fuji, roughly the size of a softball, and the almonds used for the eyes were a dark chocolate flavor. I admit to heavily sampling the almonds while making breakfast…mmm.




owl 2

owl  - pancake of the weekboiled egg, strawberry, muenster cheese, persimmon, cereal

Whooooooos eaten too much candy? This mama.

I closely monitor how much sugar my son consumes, but when it comes to me, I have little control and a passionate love for almond Snickers. And Twix. And then there’s Kit Kat. And…

Anyhow, I whipped up this owl sans squirt bottle and a few items in the fridge. Easy peasy. This is the second owl I’ve made and here is the first. Which one do you prefer?

ladybug redux

ladybug pancake
raspberry preserves, raisins, chocolate syrup

If I had to do over again for the third time, I’d substitute chocolate hazelnut spread for the chocolate syrup. I could have sworn we had some in our cupboard, but I think the resident midnight snacker may be the culprit behind its disappearance.