grumpy cat

Nutella, muenster cheese & mini chocolate chips

This is how one feels when awaking to the sound of a sneaky tabby using your pile of shoes as a litter box at 6 am on a Saturday. True story.

And now my best oxfords smell like pee pee. Boo!

charles the monarch (aka the Norfolk lion dog)

Apple tongue, blueberry eyes and Nutella covered nose

I sometimes forget we live within biking distance to the Virginia zoo, but was reminded last week when a few frantic 911 calls reporting a lion on the loose made national headlines. The lion, however, was a stylishly groomed local labradoodle named Charles the Monarch. By this time, I’m sure you’ve heard of him.

Tips: Try layering small pancakes for added depth (the one above is comprised of six).


pear, apple, cheerio, nutella

Happy Thanksgiving!


Blueberry and apple

Exactly when I feel like I’ve exhausted my pancake ideas, taking a request from someone besides Avery is all I need to get me back in the mood. We spent the holiday weekend with another family in Chincoteague and their toddler Fen has an affinity for elephants.

Tips: The tusks were made from Granny Smith apple and the skin was used to give the pancake color.


panda bear

Nutella & seedless grape

Sometimes a blank face can say more than any expression, but in case you disagree, I’ve included some options below to match your mood.

Our mood today? Bummed. So I’d pick the top right panda if Avery had the stomach to eat breakfast. It was our first orientation day of Pre-K, which he’s supposed to start tomorrow, and I took the day off so I could escort him to school to meet his new teacher and classmates. But a morning tummy ache, which I first attributed to nerves, turned into the real deal with a side order of puke. Needless to say, our first day of school was anticlimactic.

Tips: Sliced grapes can provide great circular shapes  


Nutella, marshmallow, raisins, junior chocolate dipped cake donuts

This guy was made on location for a coworker and regular reader who is about to head north and leave our   little charming (hehe) work family. We’re all really happy for her and support her in her decision, so a special breakfast was in order.

She requested her favorite animal – a monkey – so I packed up the griddle and necessities and whipped one up in my office before the workday began.

Have fun, C. We’ll miss you.

Tips: Cut a jumbo marshmallow in thirds to make eyeballs.


the squid and the whale


These were easy peasy with only the addition of blueberries; however, flipping over the squid was a different story.

Tips: Use both a pancake spatula and a regular spatula in unison to flip pancakes with intricate appendages.