A backyard showing of The Adventures of Tintin was the inspiration for this week’s breakfast.

It shall go down in history as Avery’s first “big boy” movie, characterized by the presence of guns, which is a big step from Caillou. Surrounded by friends and lying on blankets under the stars, he mustered up enough courage to watch the entire film.

Tips: Draw the outline first with a squirt bottle and fill in the rest a few minutes later to achieve a darker border.

captain hook

Nutella hair, banana nose, nectarine mouth, greek yogurt/raisin eyes, strawberry jelly on hat

Captain Hook has been an ongoing request (successfully ignored!) for the past few months and it wasn’t until recently I figured out how to achieve his likeness in pancake form without relying on his trademark hook.

Folks, it’s all in the brow, large nose, signature mustache and long chin.

Peter Pan is on the brain these days and I’ve been happily pinning everything pirate related because we’re in the midst of planning Avery’s fourth birthday party. You know, the one in November (cue eye roll now). And if you think we’re overly obsessive with the pancakes, well, let’s not even discuss birthday parties. Let’s just call it an only child perk. I had them growing up and now I give them – that’s just the way it is (cue chorus of “get a life, woman!”).

Tips: Drag a knife through Nutella to create texture for hair.

peter pan?

Nutella hair and mouth, pancake nose, banana & blueberry eyes,
strawberry feather

“Umm…Mommy, that DOES NOT look like Peter Pan.”

I’m surprised, based on his obsession, he hadn’t asked for Peter Pan sooner. And yes, we read it every single night.

The wild thing pancake from last week could only lead to disappointment. So his beloved Peter Pan was not a success, but next time Ave asks for a deranged elf, I’m prepared.

Tips: To achieve the outline of the face and ears, use a modified squirt bottle to draw the contour of the face. Let sit on the griddle for 30 seconds before filling in the rest with more batter. 

caillou & gilbert

Chocolate syrup, strawberry and blueberries for neck

If you’re wondering who Caillou and his cat Gilbert are, consider yourself lucky.

Caillou is the whiney four year-old star of his own television show on PBS. The plots go a little something like this: Caillou tries something new, throws a tantrum and learns from his mistakes. Riveting stuff, I tell you.

But Avery loves Caillou. He asks to watch it every. single. day.

And how can I say no? The show is very wholesome, just highly irritating to anyone over the age of ten. Little ones can identify with his behavior and emotional responses.

But most parents on the other hand…hate it. Caillou whiiiiiiiiines, the show is narrated by some annoying Angela Lansbury-esque elderly lady (I know, she’s supposed to sound like a sweet grandma…whatev), the laughable low-budget dance numbers, the puppets with creepy male voices, the white feathered border, and Caillou’s questionable bald head are just a few reasons.

So when Avery asked for Caillou and Gilbert pancakes, I obliged. They were easy enough, especially Caillou.

When it came time to eat, Avery picked the Gilbert and gave me Caillou. And without a doubt, I’ve never taken more delight in cutting through a character’s face and eating it for breakfast, hahaha.

Blueberry eyes, strawberry nose, dollop of yogurt, turkey sausage whiskers and mouth

Tips: You are probably your worst critic. It can be intimidating to replicate a popular cartoon character, but even a remote likeness will delight your child or loved one.

little monster

Eyes: Dollop of vanilla yogurt w/ jumbo chocolate chip; carved apple nose, mouth: chocolate line for lips and yogurt dipped raisins for teeth

Tips: Apples make the perfect sculpting medium for facial features. You can also use the underside of the pancake for textural variation (see horns).

angry bird

Dollop of banana yogurt and jumbo chocolate chips for eyes. Banana for beak. Eyebrows were cut out and coated with very thin layer of chocolate syrup for color.

An angry bird as requested. Is there a child in the world who doesn’t like these guys?

Tips: Bananas are multifunctional: cut them into circular discs for eyes or halve to use as noses or beaks.