rocket ship

apple, whip cream, strawberry

5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

We were invited last weekend to visit the Virginia Air & Space Center on the opening day of their new hands-on exhibit “Space Racers,” which is based on an animated PBS Kids show by the same name. Children are able to explore space through the multitude of interactive exhibits in this new installation.

We had actually never been to the Virginia Air & Space Center, so we took our time investigating the rest of the center before heading upstairs to the new exhibit. Avery was completely enraptured.

A view above and below of the new exhibit. There is an area (above) geared towards the younger preschool set, packed with coloring stations and soft blocks for building rockets.

It doesn’t get more hands-on than this. Did Avery understand how this activity relates to space travel or did he just have fun trying to snap blocks together while wearing big gloves? I’m not totally sure, but if something educational manages to entertain this high spirited five year-old on a hot day and it isn’t a video game, I’m all for it. We will be returning for sure.

boom box

Blueberries and Nutella
A boombox is probably as much a foreign object to Avery as a rotary telephone. He does recognize it as a symbol for loud music and apparently wild behavior.
Tips: Spoon out the desired amount of Nutella and microwave for 5 seconds. It’ll be easier to spread.

grandfather clock

Whole wheat pancake with thin layer of nutella, apple for clock face and pendulum, apple skin for clock hands

A grandfather clock as requested. Not my best work, but we were in a hurry. I did discover a new technique for details: carefully slicing the apple skin. What fun that will provide in the future!

Tips: Cut out tiny details in apple skin and set against a lighter background to really make them pop.