potw peepsmini chocolate chips, neon purple food coloring

It occurred to me on Monday that I probably should’ve posted this BEFORE Easter Sunday instead of the week following, but alas, here is an idea you can save for next year.

I mixed neon purple food coloring with the batter, but I still haven’t mastered this technique, nor do I feel like I really need to since I generally shy away from using coloring in general. The batter turned a brilliant shade of deep lavender, but once the Bunny was fully cooked on one side, the pancake turned a more natural tan color and the color remained on the ugly, bubbled side. I may have overcooked them, as I have a tendency to do so.

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fruit leather, green food coloring, marshmallows, dried cranberries


the first thanksgiving

potw_thanksgiving_webpear feather, colby jack headband with apple ornamentation, yogurt and raisin eyes, chocolate hazelnut spread hair and detailing

Well, we know the first Thanksgiving wasn’t as joyful as the images we were shown growing up, but let’s just pretend for a moment. Let’s just close our eyes and imagine everyone getting along, especially in light of circumstances in Ferguson.

So this holiday, hold your loved ones closer and hug a little longer. Even if you have a relative whose wise cracks get on your last nerve, brush it off. Let it go. And remember that nothing is more important than family.

**P.S. – Her Thanksgiving companion can be found right here.**

silly skull

skull pancake

Apple, hazelnut spread

Since my little eater is a scaredy cat, we tend to focus on the lighter aspects of Halloween, like black cats, pumpkins, bats and ghosts. Earlier in the season, he declared he would dress as a ghoul for Halloween this year, but as we were flipping through the pages of the Party City costume catalog, he turned his head away as we reached the scarier costumes. He couldn’t even bear to look at the page even for a minute to pick out the costume he wanted, so a tiger it is.

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sifted powdered sugar

Last week we experienced a debilitating amount of snowfall on the Virginia coast. Two days later, the temperature rose to 60 degrees and the snowman my husband and son crafted in the back yard was nothing more than a puddle.

This pancake could have been great, but alas, I am out of practice with cutting out paper snowflakes.

Tips: Make a stencil out of paper and place on your pancake. Sift a thin layer of powdered sugar on top and remove the stencil. Voila!

happy new year!

Here is to a prosperous and delicious new year!

jolly old st. nicholas

I’ve updated my Santa pancake for Bisquick. He no longer resembles Jerry Garcia! Check it out here.