Raisin buttons, Nutella hat, mini chocolate chip eyes and mouth, cheese stick nose, turkey sausage arms and whip cream snow

With the unseasonably warm weather recently, this may be the only snowman we get to make. Have a merry Christmas!

Tips: When you’re done with the chocolate chips, put them back in the cupboard immediately. I made the mistake of leaving the room while Avery ate his pancake and heard the unmistakable crackling sound of the chocolate chip bag being opened. When I returned to the kitchen, I found a child with hands full and a gooey chocolate covered grin. The rest of the sugar fueled morning has been interesting…to say the least.


Turkey sausage patties (2), Braeburn apple, mini chocolate chips

My son is performing in his first Christmas pageant tonight, so for the past couple weeks we’ve been rehearsing carols nonstop and Rudolph has become a favorite. Obviously. What child doesn’t enjoy singing Rudolph?

Avery and I have also hammered out a mean duet of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I put on my best throaty Zooey voice and we complete each other’s lines. Sigh – it’s really quite charming, I must admit. But he refuses to perform it in front of anyone, so you’ll just have to take my word on it.

I may have to resort to hidden cameras.

Tips: Use one sausage patty for each antler and cut out the negative areas. Hmm…is this really a tip? I think you guys can figure it out on your own.

santa baby

Apple & raisins

Take off the hat and you have a pancake bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jerry Garcia.


pear, apple, cheerio, nutella

Happy Thanksgiving!


Pumpkin / buttermilk pancakes, granny smith apple, raisins

A scraggly witch is the latest creation in the October Spookycakes series. Once again, the two tone technique was used to make her pointy hat, brows and facial outline.

Tips: Since the consistency of the instant mix is different than the pumpkin batter, apply thinner details like the hair with buttermilk batter for less clumping and overall oozing.


Pumpkin / buttermilk pancake with apples

To wean my dependence on Nutella for creating contrast, I chose pumpkin pancake mix to create the darker areas.

Armed with two full squirt bottles, the outline of Dracula was drawn first and the rest was filled in with instant buttermilk batter.

Teeth, blood and eyes were carved from a Red Delicious apple.

Tips: Pumpkin batter is clumpy in comparison and clots in the bottle, so contrary to the photo above, I would recommend a larger tip opening to avoid blowouts (just cut with scissors).

wave the flag

Strawberries, blueberries & apple stars

Your family will cheer if you serve this pancake for Independence Day breakfast. Heck, make a huge one the whole family can share. Serve it on a tray and give everyone a fork (nothing says a holiday like creepy family bonding). And as the family is gathered around the table, patiently waiting for their breakfast, add a little finesse to the morning routine and do this dance as you serve them their food.

Sorry, I’ve had more practice waving the freak flag.

Tips: Add a sizable dollop of whipped cream after you serve your masterpiece. You’ll thank me later.