Back to school

Hazelnut spread, Granny Smith apple

We at Pancake of the Week took a little hiatus. Ahem, an extended Summer (and Spring) perhaps. But now we’re back to our daily routines and our favorite weekend ritual is back in full swing.

Tips: Cut out the worm and leaf before you get started on your pancakes. This will give you an approximate size to make your pancakes and you can make as many as you’d like until you have mastered the correct symmetrical shape. 

sliced grapes

Tips: Remember, you’ll need to write the reflected version of your letters to have them read correctly on a plate. This is challenging, but ultimately really fun. 


Kiwi, strawberry preserves, chocolate covered raisins

It was challenging to make a pancake depicting a fruit defined by its distinctive color and size. Kiwi turned out to be the sweetest solution to achieve the green color and an even layer of strawberry preserves served well for the red. And I’ll take any excuse to purchase a box of Raisnets, which I may have polished off by myself last night.

I’ve included a process shot to show how I achieved the kiwi, sans seeds, by just trimming off the outer layer. It took approximately 4 kiwis to line the watermelon pancake and I tossed the cores in a bowl and ate them with my breakfast. No waste here, folks.

Tips: To achieve a nice, even layer without clumping, make sure your preserves / jelly is at room temperature before spreading.

tall ships

Clipper ship: blueberries, grapes & Nutella
Sailboat: seedless strawberry preserves, blueberries, grapes & cheddar cheese

Tall ships and military vessels dominated our little downtown waterfront last weekend as part of the Opsail Virginia festival. Two ferris wheels, pirates and boat tours: every little boy’s dream come true.

Tips: thinly slice grapes to create perfect circles

big balls

Blueberries & strawberry yogurt for water, carved apple for contestant and big ball holders

Get your mind out of the gutter! I am referring to the infamous Big Balls in the TV show Wipeout, obviously.

I normally don’t encourage Avery to play with his food, but the temptation was too great and I take full responsibility.

He allowed the little contestant a few attempts across the big balls before devouring him.

Tips: Peel the skin of an apple to add more color and detail.

drum set

Whole wheat pancake, nutella and sausage

I can’t believe it’s taken so long for this request. Avery specified each drum to be included in his kit: rack tom, snare, hi-hat, bass drum, crash symbol, and floor tom. Drum sticks on the snare were included to encourage playing *on* food…well, at least for a minute before eating.

And it took me at least ten attempts to make that wonky lightning bolt – the shape eludes me.

Tips: Don’t be afraid to sketch out your idea first. It’ll make for a faster process, which is important if you want to serve food warm.


Nutella pupil, sausage eyelashes, dollop of rice pudding for highlight

An eye with eyelashes as initially requested.

But apparently he changed his mind while I was making the pancake and was expecting a car with eyelashes (thanks to a photo taken by Erin on instagram). He didn’t hide his disappointment.

Ugh – this child is spoiled.

Tips: Don’t feel limited by using only fruit and other traditional breakfast foods. Scavenge through your refrigerator for something visually interesting and explore new combinations, such as rice pudding on a pancake.

the buddha

Almonds, raisin, carved apple for lips and nose

It was a strange request this week. Ave has an affinity for images of the Buddha and pointed to the one hanging over our bedroom door when asked what he wanted for his pancake.

The refrigerator was still empty from our recent trip, so I was forced to use what I had in my pantry: a can of nuts, an apple, and a box of raisins. Carving an apple with a dull knife was harder than I had expected.

Tips: Nuts are a great source of protein and when combined with fruit are even better. Hair texture was created by dabbling spots of batter on griddle, letting them sit for 30 seconds, and then continuing to pour the rest of the shape.