huckle cat

Muenster cheese eyes, apple nose, nutella detailing

Richard Scarry’s books were a favorite of mine growing up, especially What Do People Do All Day and The Funniest Storybook Ever. So much so, that my mom saved them and we have passed them on to Avery, who enjoys them as much as I did.

I could get lost for hours looking at every detail in those drawings and I still do but with the company of my own son. Poor Mr. Frumble always chasing his hat and that Bananas Gorilla is so cray cray.

Avery has also discovered the Busytown Mysteries series, which is available on Netflix. It’s fun being an adult with the theme song lyrics “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How” stuck in your head all day. Or for days. And sometime even weeks.

P.S. There is another older Richard Scarry series available on Netflix. It’s called the Busy World of Richard Scarry and is a closer adaptation of the books.

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