pancake_of_the_week_ladybugstrawberries & chocolate hazelnut spread

I’m embarrassed to even post this one, but am for the sake of complete transparency. Not all mornings are inspired, especially when the five year-old is yelling, “Hurry up! I’m hungry!”

And I ask myself, “why am I even going to the trouble of makingĀ a special pancake for this unappreciative little brat?”

Well, to be totally honest, it’s just what I do. And I think it’s important to keep up routine, especially when a attention stealing baby has been thrown in the mix. And for selfish reasons – it’s more creatively stimulating to make a pancake shaped like an animal than it is just a regular circle. Am I right? And I need creative stimulation in our household to remain sane.

And yeah, I’ll probably redo this shabby looking ladybug this coming weekend because I’m obsessive like that. Not that the family will care, but dammit I do.

P.S. The unappreciative brat is totally amazing most of the time, except when he’s hungry.



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