Strawberries & Cool Whip

We spent the Memorial Day weekend in Chincoteague and the only thing Avery could talk about was climbing to the top of the lighthouse. Lighthouses rank up there with Peter Pan and playing the drums, so we made sure we included a visit in our itinerary.

Since we were on vacation, supplies were limited. Available was a tub of Cool Whip and an overflowing quart of ripened strawberries, which worked out perfectly.

*Side note: I used a knife to trim the tower, giving it nice smooth lines, but the natural shape from the pour is more organic and bulbous at the top. I always pour quite a few of the shapes and pick the best to decorate. This being said, as I prepared a plate of lighthouse form rejects to serve the rest of the family members joining us on vacation, I realized the undecorated pancakes were better suited for a bachelorette party than my parents…if ya know what I mean. So, I used the pancakes to make these:

Roly Poly Pancakes

Same ingredients, just folded and eaten like a sandwich. They were a hit.

And back to the lighthouse visit – much to my surprise, Ave climbed all 175 steps by himself while holding my hand. Just one event of the most memorable weekend ever.

Tips: To get the outer red skin of the strawberry to lay flat, cut each one in half, quickly carve out the core and press flat with hand.

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