drum set

Whole wheat pancake, nutella and sausage

I can’t believe it’s taken so long for this request. Avery specified each drum to be included in his kit: rack tom, snare, hi-hat, bass drum, crash symbol, and floor tom. Drum sticks on the snare were included to encourage playing *on* food…well, at least for a minute before eating.

And it took me at least ten attempts to make that wonky lightning bolt – the shape eludes me.

Tips: Don’t be afraid to sketch out your idea first. It’ll make for a faster process, which is important if you want to serve food warm.


Nutella pupil, sausage eyelashes, dollop of rice pudding for highlight

An eye with eyelashes as initially requested.

But apparently he changed his mind while I was making the pancake and was expecting a car with eyelashes (thanks to a photo taken by Erin on instagram). He didn’t hide his disappointment.

Ugh – this child is spoiled.

Tips: Don’t feel limited by using only fruit and other traditional breakfast foods. Scavenge through your refrigerator for something visually interesting and explore new combinations, such as rice pudding on a pancake.

my funny valentine

Whole wheat pancake / strawberries

Experimented this week by adding raspberry & blackberry jam to the batter to add a natural red color. I separated the batter into three bowls and added jam to two; poured regular batter to create heart shape and filled in the center with the jam batter, but the color didn’t show up as I had hoped.

Afterthought: would have been great with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Tips: You don’t have to make your pancake overly complicated. Sometimes repetition of pattern has the strongest impact.

bunny wearing glasses

Blueberry eyes, pink cream cheese icing on nose and ears, and sliced asian pear for whiskers and glasses

Requested (no joke): A bunny wearing glasses.

Tips: Asian pears are fantastic to use because they’re huge and can be used to make larger shapes, but are also easy to shred and their translucent quality lends itself to finer details like whiskers.

awesome man

Hi! I’m a superhero. My name is Awesome Man.

I have a stylin’ letter A on my chest…

…and an Awesome Dog named Moskowitz.

Banana, blackberry jam, raisins, nutella

Avery’s pancake request couldn’t have been more complicated this week. He asked not just for Awesome Man, but his dog, too.  The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man is the creation of Michael Chabon, an author who also wrote one of my favorite novels: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.

It’s quickly become one of our favorite books to read at night and has taught some useful lessons to use during the day. You see, Awesome Man’s secret identity is that of a young boy (based on Chabon’s son). When Awesome Man gets really angry, he tells the reader he wants to start hitting or throwing stuff. But since he’s superstrong, he has to be careful and create some alone time to give himself a “ginormous Awesome Power Grip,” which means he hugs his knees to his chest until he calms down.

We have encouraged the Power Grip in this house many times.

Tips: Make one large pancake for the whole family to share.


Cheddar cheese slice feet and beak, yogurt, raisin eye, thin layer of blackberry jam for dark coloring.

A certain someone is learning about cold weather in school and came home the other day with a paper penguin with googly eyes. Gotta love the preschool crafts.

Tips: The addition of yogurt and cheese is a great way to add calcium.


Cheese stick tongue, blueberry eyes, and Beth’s homemade jam

A new snap cuff provided the inspiration for the weekend pancake.

Tips: Use the end of a chopstick to create polka dots with jam or syrup.