Nutella tires and seat, jelly spokes, and grape hubs

Tips: Always cut grapes in half before giving to small children.

christmas tree

Apple star, yogurt garland, blueberry and mini M&M ornaments and nutella trunk. Presents were decorated with nutella, yogurt and bits of crunchy pancake crumbs.

Original request was “wrapping paper,” but that was a tad complicated to say the least. Lots and lots of presents to go under a tree was the second request. This is the year we ruined our son.

Tips: A sprinkling of miniature M&M’s is a great way to add a touch of color on special occasions.

the evil crow

Blueberry evil eye, banana wings and tail, sausage link talons

Dedicated to the ginormous evil crow who perched on my shopping cart and searched through my grocery bags while I was busy buckling Avery into his car seat last Saturday morning. Avery laughed hysterically as he watched me waving my arms, swatting wildly at the bird who then perched on the hood of my car taunting me. Beware the Kroger birds lurking on the side of the building – they will hunt you.

Avery thought this little escapade to our greatest adventure yet, so naturally, a “crow” is what he requested once we got back from the store (we had run out of pancake mix).

Tips: Sausage links can be useful as thin elements protruding from the central pancake. Think little legs, claws & whiskers.

kitty cat

Strawberry nose and ears, banana eyes with dollop of nutella

Our gigantic maine coon cat Mila served as the inspiration.

Tips: Don’t just consider whole fruit or the outer skin, but the natural pattern found in the core. Bisecting a strawberry made two perfect little ears.


Apple beak, thin layer of nutella on head, dollop of yogurt and halved cherries for eyes

It’s no secret I have a fondness for these winged creatures.

Tips: This is one of the easiest pancakes to make since it’s simply layers of circular shapes.

the buddha

Almonds, raisin, carved apple for lips and nose

It was a strange request this week. Ave has an affinity for images of the Buddha and pointed to the one hanging over our bedroom door when asked what he wanted for his pancake.

The refrigerator was still empty from our recent trip, so I was forced to use what I had in my pantry: a can of nuts, an apple, and a box of raisins. Carving an apple with a dull knife was harder than I had expected.

Tips: Nuts are a great source of protein and when combined with fruit are even better. Hair texture was created by dabbling spots of batter on griddle, letting them sit for 30 seconds, and then continuing to pour the rest of the shape.

little monster

Eyes: Dollop of vanilla yogurt w/ jumbo chocolate chip; carved apple nose, mouth: chocolate line for lips and yogurt dipped raisins for teeth

Tips: Apples make the perfect sculpting medium for facial features. You can also use the underside of the pancake for textural variation (see horns).