angry bird

Dollop of banana yogurt and jumbo chocolate chips for eyes. Banana for beak. Eyebrows were cut out and coated with very thin layer of chocolate syrup for color.

An angry bird as requested. Is there a child in the world who doesn’t like these guys?

Tips: Bananas are multifunctional: cut them into circular discs for eyes or halve to use as noses or beaks.


Chocolate syrup

Tips: Not every pancake has to be overly complicated. If you’re not already using pumpkin pancake batter, try adding a few teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice to instant batter for a seasonal zing.


Blueberry eyes, cherry nose, and shredded carrot whiskers

Tips: Don’t limit yourself by just using fruit. Sneak a vegetable in and see if anyone notices.

the very first…

If you made it this far into the archives, I bet you’re wondering how all of this started.

While seeking inspiration online one day, I happened upon an image of a bear pancake and I thought it would make a fun little surprise breakfast item for our two year-old son. And I was right. He ate every morsel with delight.

What I didn’t expect was the request the following Saturday.

“Mommy, I’ll have a bunny pancake, please.” Like it was no big deal.

So our little ritual began. Every Saturday, he makes the requests and I do what I can to honor them.

*Note: I unfortunately can’t find the original source of my bear photo inspiration. I do know it was from a cafe at a Teddy Bear Museum in Japan. If anyone knows, please share.