the first thanksgiving

potw_thanksgiving_webpear feather, colby jack headband with apple ornamentation, yogurt and raisin eyes, chocolate hazelnut spread hair and detailing

Well, we know the first Thanksgiving wasn’t as joyful as the images we were shown growing up, but let’s just pretend for a moment. Let’s just close our eyes and imagine everyone getting along, especially in light of circumstances in Ferguson.

So this holiday, hold your loved ones closer and hug a little longer. Even if you have a relative whose wise cracks get on your last nerve, brush it off. Let it go. And remember that nothing is more important than family.

**P.S. – Her Thanksgiving companion can be found right here.**


lion - pancake of the week

Persimmon, apple, dark chocolate flavored almonds

We were given a basketful of persimmons from my in-laws’ tree and I couldn’t think of a better, more colorful fruit to include in this week’s pancake. To make this lion, only one large persimmon was used for the mane and mouth. The apple was a ginormous fuji, roughly the size of a softball, and the almonds used for the eyes were a dark chocolate flavor. I admit to heavily sampling the almonds while making breakfast…mmm.




owl 2

owl  - pancake of the weekboiled egg, strawberry, muenster cheese, persimmon, cereal

Whooooooos eaten too much candy? This mama.

I closely monitor how much sugar my son consumes, but when it comes to me, I have little control and a passionate love for almond Snickers. And Twix. And then there’s Kit Kat. And…

Anyhow, I whipped up this owl sans squirt bottle and a few items in the fridge. Easy peasy. This is the second owl I’ve made and here is the first. Which one do you prefer?

silly skull

skull pancake

Apple, hazelnut spread

Since my little eater is a scaredy cat, we tend to focus on the lighter aspects of Halloween, like black cats, pumpkins, bats and ghosts. Earlier in the season, he declared he would dress as a ghoul for Halloween this year, but as we were flipping through the pages of the Party City costume catalog, he turned his head away as we reached the scarier costumes. He couldn’t even bear to look at the page even for a minute to pick out the costume he wanted, so a tiger it is.

Looking for more Halloween pancake ideas? Try this batwitch, spider web, devil, vampire, jack o’lantern, wild thing and monster!


ladybug redux

ladybug pancake
raspberry preserves, raisins, chocolate syrup

If I had to do over again for the third time, I’d substitute chocolate hazelnut spread for the chocolate syrup. I could have sworn we had some in our cupboard, but I think the resident midnight snacker may be the culprit behind its disappearance.


pancake_of_the_week_ladybugstrawberries & chocolate hazelnut spread

I’m embarrassed to even post this one, but am for the sake of complete transparency. Not all mornings are inspired, especially when the five year-old is yelling, “Hurry up! I’m hungry!”

And I ask myself, “why am I even going to the trouble of making a special pancake for this unappreciative little brat?”

Well, to be totally honest, it’s just what I do. And I think it’s important to keep up routine, especially when a attention stealing baby has been thrown in the mix. And for selfish reasons – it’s more creatively stimulating to make a pancake shaped like an animal than it is just a regular circle. Am I right? And I need creative stimulation in our household to remain sane.

And yeah, I’ll probably redo this shabby looking ladybug this coming weekend because I’m obsessive like that. Not that the family will care, but dammit I do.

P.S. The unappreciative brat is totally amazing most of the time, except when he’s hungry.



Chocolate hazelnut spread, apple teeth, goldfish crackers

Last night was the opening premiere of Shark Week, so another shark-themed pancake was in order. By the way, five year-old Avery hasn’t actually seen Jaws (geez – he’d never swim at the beach again), but he thinks the shirt makes him look tough.

He hosted a seafood dinner for another family – our mini shark party – complete with cupcakes, shark watermelon (thanks Pinterest) and shark-shaped bread. It also allowed me to test out some ideas for Avery’s upcoming birthday party in the Fall, but with my luck, he’ll develop some new obsession and insist on the changing the theme.