Can I get a business card with the title of Pancake Artist, please?

Hi, friends! I’ve been anxiously awaiting to share this fun news with you: I’m now contributing to!

I’m loving the assignments so far, working with my editor has been a joy, and I have taken great pleasure in styling each shoot. I hope you check it out!

So go take a look here!  This pancake is straight from the pumpkin patch and will make a great seasonal breakfast for your little one.

Along came a spider

Chocolate hazelnut spread & marshmallows

Thank goodness we don’t suffer from arachnophobia because our new house is infested with little brown spiders. We’ve been meaning to do something about the problem but since the weather has been getting colder, they have noticeably retreated. Well, at least I hope they have.

Harmless or not, it’s no fun to wake up in the middle of the night and feel a faint tickle on your chest, only to slap the area and find the remnants of your night visitor rolling down your night shirt.

But at least it’s not a water bug. I find them way more horrifying than our temporary arachnid roommates. Don’t you?


pumpkin pancake, red delicious apple

This is more of a goofy, comical devil – one that I feel comfortable giving my four year-old who is even scared of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Tips: Tear pieces of pancake to add texture, like the eyebrows above.

vampire bat

Apple teeth, raisin eyes and nose, cheddar cheese ears

There will be spooky pancakes for the entire month of October, but let’s not forget the witch and vampire from last year.

baby love

Chocolate hazelnut spread, Granny Smith apple

We are expecting a baby boy early next year and we couldn’t be happier. On second thought, I will be happier once we unpack all our boxes from the move  and I can start nesting.

Tips: For the eyes, cut out your overall shape first and gently pierce the apple skin with your knife and drag the tip in a circular motion. Next, slide your knife under the skin and pop it off to reveal the apple underneath.


Apple windows and doorknob; chocolate hazelnut spread covered door and roof

Never have I realized these words rang true until the last few months. Our lives have been in a state of transition and we’re starting to settle into our new house, though most of our belongings are still enclosed in cardboard boxes. I made this pancake to celebrate our impending moving day a couple weeks ago, but alas, the camera cord was buried in said cardboard box until yesterday. Typical.

But I can’t wait to start making pancakes in our new kitchen! It’s just more of an incentive to finish (start?) unpacking if I can ever find the time.

Tips: Use a fork to scallop the roof and add texture to otherwise flat surfaces. I used a knife and the results aren’t nearly as satisfactory.

Back to school

Hazelnut spread, Granny Smith apple

We at Pancake of the Week took a little hiatus. Ahem, an extended Summer (and Spring) perhaps. But now we’re back to our daily routines and our favorite weekend ritual is back in full swing.

Tips: Cut out the worm and leaf before you get started on your pancakes. This will give you an approximate size to make your pancakes and you can make as many as you’d like until you have mastered the correct symmetrical shape. 

sliced grapes

Tips: Remember, you’ll need to write the reflected version of your letters to have them read correctly on a plate. This is challenging, but ultimately really fun.