potw peepsmini chocolate chips, neon purple food coloring

It occurred to me on Monday that I probably should’ve posted this BEFORE Easter Sunday instead of the week following, but alas, here is an idea you can save¬†for next year.

I mixed neon purple food coloring with the batter, but I still haven’t mastered this technique, nor do I feel like I really need to since I generally shy away from using coloring in general. The batter turned a brilliant shade of deep lavender, but once the Bunny was fully cooked on one side, the pancake turned a more natural tan color and the color remained on the ugly, bubbled side. I may have overcooked them, as I have a tendency to do so.

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bunny wearing glasses

Blueberry eyes, pink cream cheese icing on nose and ears, and sliced asian pear for whiskers and glasses

Requested (no joke): A bunny wearing glasses.

Tips: Asian pears are fantastic to use because they’re huge and can be used to make larger shapes, but are also easy to shred and their translucent quality lends itself to finer details like whiskers.


Blueberry eyes, cherry nose, and shredded carrot whiskers

Tips: Don’t limit yourself by just using fruit. Sneak a vegetable in and see if anyone notices.