cat in the hat

Cat in the Hat
whip cream, fruit leather, chocolate hazelnut spread

Here in Norfolk, Virginia, a new technologically advanced library just opened in our downtown district and it is most certainly the cat’s meow.

The grand opening festivities were all Seussian themed and visitors were greeted by a 30 ft. inflatable Cat in the Hat at the entrance. The boys and I took advantage of the free light rail ride to the Slover Library on its second opening day and both were immediately taken with the Cat’s monumental size, not to mention the contents of the library itself.

Norfolk Slover Library

The produce at our house was limited, but I managed to scrounge together enough ingredients to make an edible Cat in the Hat for Avery, who immediately devoured the hat in less than a minute. You can see his little fingers testing the whip cream.

And for the sake of authenticity, cause y’all know I like to keep it real around here, below are a few Cats who didn’t make the cut but will surely make a delicious breakfast for us nondiscriminating parents.

Cat in the Hat rejects


lion - pancake of the week

Persimmon, apple, dark chocolate flavored almonds

We were given a basketful of persimmons from my in-laws’ tree and I couldn’t think of a better, more colorful fruit to include in this week’s pancake. To make this lion, only one large persimmon was used for the mane and mouth. The apple was a ginormous fuji, roughly the size of a softball, and the almonds used for the eyes were a dark chocolate flavor. I admit to heavily sampling the almonds while making breakfast…mmm.





Mozzarella cheese, raisins, apple, chocolate hazelnut spread

This fat cat is a superstar in our house. The TV show, the comic books, you name it – Avery loves Garfield.

It all started with a stack of comic books I found while digging in my parents’ attic. I once considered them my most cherished possessions so naturally I decided to pass the stack along to Avery. I adored those books growing up and those characters were probably the first images I ever really mastered drawing. Anyhow, they didn’t age well and the brittle pages were falling out left and right, but Avery still thought they were the greatest books on earth. Keep in mind he can’t read yet, so I have to read every single word and sound effect. And normally I have to offer an explanation of WHY the joke is funny (some of the humor is WAY over his head), but he giggles hysterically anyway.

Fortunately, I picked up some like-new treasuries printed in the nineties at a recent garage sale, so he’s back in heaven again happily memorizing every strip from the “PFTTTT” to the “SHOOMF.”

huckle cat

Muenster cheese eyes, apple nose, nutella detailing

Richard Scarry’s books were a favorite of mine growing up, especially What Do People Do All Day and The Funniest Storybook Ever. So much so, that my mom saved them and we have passed them on to Avery, who enjoys them as much as I did.

I could get lost for hours looking at every detail in those drawings and I still do but with the company of my own son. Poor Mr. Frumble always chasing his hat and that Bananas Gorilla is so cray cray.

Avery has also discovered the Busytown Mysteries series, which is available on Netflix. It’s fun being an adult with the theme song lyrics “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How” stuck in your head all day. Or for days. And sometime even weeks.

P.S. There is another older Richard Scarry series available on Netflix. It’s called the Busy World of Richard Scarry and is a closer adaptation of the books.

grumpy cat

Nutella, muenster cheese & mini chocolate chips

This is how one feels when awaking to the sound of a sneaky tabby using your pile of shoes as a litter box at 6 am on a Saturday. True story.

And now my best oxfords smell like pee pee. Boo!

wild cats


Tiger / Blueberry eyes, apple nose, strawberry ears & Nutella whisker spots

It was a delight to surprise our house guests, Avery’s cousins, with a special treat in the morning. But man, it was challenging to keep the pancakes hot and serve all three at relatively the same time. You can tell I made the lion first and rushed through the sloppy tiger, which I ended up serving to Avery.

Thank goodness hungry little boys aren’t critics…well, except one.

Tips: prepare all your fruit toppings before pouring your first pancake. This way, you will have more time to perfect your carvings and will still be able to serve your pancakes hot.

kitty cat

Strawberry nose and ears, banana eyes with dollop of nutella

Our gigantic maine coon cat Mila served as the inspiration.

Tips: Don’t just consider whole fruit or the outer skin, but the natural pattern found in the core. Bisecting a strawberry made two perfect little ears.