potw peepsmini chocolate chips, neon purple food coloring

It occurred to me on Monday that I probably should’ve posted this BEFORE Easter Sunday instead of the week following, but alas, here is an idea you can save for next year.

I mixed neon purple food coloring with the batter, but I still haven’t mastered this technique, nor do I feel like I really need to since I generally shy away from using coloring in general. The batter turned a brilliant shade of deep lavender, but once the Bunny was fully cooked on one side, the pancake turned a more natural tan color and the color remained on the ugly, bubbled side. I may have overcooked them, as I have a tendency to do so.

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easter basket

Nutella, cheddar cheese, strawberry jam for coloring

Tips: Pour pancake batter in an overlapping pattern to create basket weave effect (you can use a squirt bottle or drip loosely from bowl). Use a drinking straw as a stamp to create dots from a slice of cheese.