silly skull

skull pancake

Apple, hazelnut spread

Since my little eater is a scaredy cat, we tend to focus on the lighter aspects of Halloween, like black cats, pumpkins, bats and ghosts. Earlier in the season, he declared he would dress as a ghoul for Halloween this year, but as we were flipping through the pages of the Party City costume catalog, he turned his head away as we reached the scarier costumes. He couldn’t even bear to look at the page even for a minute to pick out the costume he wanted, so a tiger it is.

Looking for more Halloween pancake ideas? Try this batwitch, spider web, devil, vampire, jack o’lantern, wild thing and monster!


Along came a spider

Chocolate hazelnut spread & marshmallows

Thank goodness we don’t suffer from arachnophobia because our new house is infested with little brown spiders. We’ve been meaning to do something about the problem but since the weather has been getting colder, they have noticeably retreated. Well, at least I hope they have.

Harmless or not, it’s no fun to wake up in the middle of the night and feel a faint tickle on your chest, only to slap the area and find the remnants of your night visitor rolling down your night shirt.

But at least it’s not a water bug. I find them way more horrifying than our temporary arachnid roommates. Don’t you?


pumpkin pancake, red delicious apple

This is more of a goofy, comical devil – one that I feel comfortable giving my four year-old who is even scared of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Tips: Tear pieces of pancake to add texture, like the eyebrows above.

vampire bat

Apple teeth, raisin eyes and nose, cheddar cheese ears

There will be spooky pancakes for the entire month of October, but let’s not forget the witch and vampire from last year.


Pumpkin / buttermilk pancakes, granny smith apple, raisins

A scraggly witch is the latest creation in the October Spookycakes series. Once again, the two tone technique was used to make her pointy hat, brows and facial outline.

Tips: Since the consistency of the instant mix is different than the pumpkin batter, apply thinner details like the hair with buttermilk batter for less clumping and overall oozing.


Pumpkin / buttermilk pancake with apples

To wean my dependence on Nutella for creating contrast, I chose pumpkin pancake mix to create the darker areas.

Armed with two full squirt bottles, the outline of Dracula was drawn first and the rest was filled in with instant buttermilk batter.

Teeth, blood and eyes were carved from a Red Delicious apple.

Tips: Pumpkin batter is clumpy in comparison and clots in the bottle, so contrary to the photo above, I would recommend a larger tip opening to avoid blowouts (just cut with scissors).


Chocolate syrup

Tips: Not every pancake has to be overly complicated. If you’re not already using pumpkin pancake batter, try adding a few teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice to instant batter for a seasonal zing.