lion - pancake of the week

Persimmon, apple, dark chocolate flavored almonds

We were given a basketful of persimmons from my in-laws’ tree and I couldn’t think of a better, more colorful fruit to include in this week’s pancake. To make this lion, only one large persimmon was used for the mane and mouth. The apple was a ginormous fuji, roughly the size of a softball, and the almonds used for the eyes were a dark chocolate flavor. I admit to heavily sampling the almonds while making breakfast…mmm.




charles the monarch (aka the Norfolk lion dog)

Apple tongue, blueberry eyes and Nutella covered nose

I sometimes forget we live within biking distance to the Virginia zoo, but was reminded last week when a few frantic 911 calls reporting a lion on the loose made national headlines. The lion, however, was a stylishly groomed local labradoodle named Charles the Monarch. By this time, I’m sure you’ve heard of him.

Tips: Try layering small pancakes for added depth (the one above is comprised of six).

wild cats


Tiger / Blueberry eyes, apple nose, strawberry ears & Nutella whisker spots

It was a delight to surprise our house guests, Avery’s cousins, with a special treat in the morning. But man, it was challenging to keep the pancakes hot and¬†serve all three at relatively the same time. You can tell I made the lion first and rushed through the sloppy tiger, which I ended up serving to Avery.

Thank goodness hungry little boys aren’t critics…well, except one.

Tips: prepare all your fruit toppings before pouring your first pancake. This way, you will have more time to perfect your carvings and will still be able to serve your pancakes hot.