owl 2

owl  - pancake of the weekboiled egg, strawberry, muenster cheese, persimmon, cereal

Whooooooos eaten too much candy? This mama.

I closely monitor how much sugar my son consumes, but when it comes to me, I have little control and a passionate love for almond Snickers. And Twix. And then there’s Kit Kat. And…

Anyhow, I whipped up this owl sans squirt bottle and a few items in the fridge. Easy peasy. This is the second owl I’ve made and here is the first. Which one do you prefer?


Apple beak, thin layer of nutella on head, dollop of yogurt and halved cherries for eyes

It’s no secret I have a fondness for these winged creatures.

Tips: This is one of the easiest pancakes to make since it’s simply layers of circular shapes.