Wheat pancake mix, Munster cheese, blueberries, strawberries, Nutella

captain hook

Nutella hair, banana nose, nectarine mouth, greek yogurt/raisin eyes, strawberry jelly on hat

Captain Hook has been an ongoing request (successfully ignored!) for the past few months and it wasn’t until recently I figured out how to achieve his likeness in pancake form without relying on his trademark hook.

Folks, it’s all in the brow, large nose, signature mustache and long chin.

Peter Pan is on the brain these days and I’ve been happily pinning everything pirate related because we’re in the midst of planning Avery’s fourth birthday party. You know, the one in November (cue eye roll now). And if you think we’re overly obsessive with the pancakes, well, let’s not even discuss birthday parties. Let’s just call it an only child perk. I had them growing up and now I give them – that’s just the way it is (cue chorus of “get a life, woman!”).

Tips: Drag a knife through Nutella to create texture for hair.