traveling man

“Mommy, are they here yet?”

Powdered sugar, apple

When Avery was a baby, I hung a map of the United States over our kitchen table hoping if he saw it everyday as he ate his morning breakfast, his knowledge of geography would be top notch by the time he hit elementary school.

And he is proficient at identifying at least four states: Virginia, California, Florida and Texas. He recognizes Virginia as the state in which we reside, California as the production location of Wipeout, Florida as the magical place of Peter Pan (Disney World) and Texas as home to all his cousins and relatives.

So when I made the mistake of telling him last week that his young cousins would be driving from Texas to stay with us starting Thursday night, he’s been asking me every hour since if they would be arriving soon.

A little tasty geography lesson was needed.

I carved a miniature minivan out of an apple and parked it by the star representing Austin. I encouraged him to “drive” the minivan to Virginia, but you know what his comment was?

“Why does your car have legs? It looks like a hippo.” He promptly popped it in his mouth before I could capture an image. Oh, well.

And by his reaction to the powdered sugar, you’d think I sprinkled Comet all over his pancake. What child doesn’t want sugar?

He’s becoming quite the critic, but I think he understood the message. Though admittedly, he hasn’t stopped asking that dreaded question.

Tips: When wanting to make a state or letter pancake, draw your outline on a piece of paper and press it against a window to trace on the reverse side. This will give you an accurate image from which to work. It’s hard enough to pour a good outline, let alone its reflection.

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